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August 03, 2022

3D Fashion: 5 Virtual Fashion Brands You Should Know About


Are you hooked on GUCCI’s pearl-and-gem adorned headpiece filter on Instagram? Or are you trying out virtual versions of DIOR’s sunglasses and headbands? In any case, you have entered the magical world of virtual fashion.

Virtual fashion is clothing built using computer technologies and 3D design. It is also a new way of wearing clothes. For example, if you like couture, you can use 3D design art to try on the piece digitally, see the fit, and slay the look.

Fashion has its eyes set on the technology sector to advance its sales, and many luxury brands are already hopping on the bandwagon of digital-only clothing. If you’re looking to enrol in 3D fashion-design courses or simply love fashion, here are five brands you should know about that are stirring up the virtual fashion scene.

1. The Fabricant

It is a digital fashion house that believes in fashion transcending the human body. In its first season, the brand launched a program where invitees could mint two free NFTs using digital fabrics. Fabricant had 45,000 combinations of fabric to offer, reiterating the vast opportunities of 3D fashion.

The fashion label showcased the co-created NFTs in the first-ever “Metaverse Fashion Week”. With the challenging goal of democratising the fashion world with its innovative creations, this digital-only fashion label is a name to look out for in the coming years.

The Fabricant

2. Balenciaga

In September 2021, the luxury brand surprised everyone by collaborating with Fortnite for an apparel collection and a series of in-game wearables. Later, it announced plans to build a metaverse-dedicated business.

The renowned label also became one of the first names to enter Meta’s Virtual Fashion Store. With so much going on for the brand in the virtual fashion sector, it will not be surprising to see its 3D designs taking centre stage in the upcoming fashion shows.

Balenciaga Virtual Fashion designs

3. Tribute Brand

It is a label focussing on contactless and cyber fashion. In layman's language, it edits the clothing design onto the customer’s photo. Sounds bizarre? Well, not really. These designer clothes are extremely expensive and are only worn once to specific events due to their distinct designs.

Owning a digital apparel version is considerably affordable and efficient if your purpose is to rake in likes. Tribute Brand cashes in on this opportunity to create a new fashion space and reduce the waste fashion generates in the environment.

Tribute Brand

4. Dolce&Gabbana

One of the pioneering fashion brands set its first foot into the virtual fashion world with a show for the “Metaverse Fashion Week”. Soon after, it released 20 metaverse wearables to celebrate the medium. The brand is home to the world’s wealthiest fashion lovers, and it is creating a buzz for 3D designs through DGFamily— an exclusive NFT community.

NFTs boost the 3D fashion design job space by providing a creative outlet for designers and artists. By setting a $6 Million record in fashion NFT sales, D&G has given virtual fashion the deserved credibility.

Dolce & Gabbana

5. Auroboros

The tech fashion house made its mark in the industry by showcasing unique 3D designs in the closing event of “Metaverse Fashion week”, inspired by organic and mystical shapes. Although their vision may seem utopian to many fashionistas, the ‘Biomimicry’ haute couture collection gained many accolades from the audience.

The brand wishes to challenge the traditional elitist fashion value and build a luxury fashion house native to the metaverse or the virtual world.


Back To The Future!

The virtual world of fashion is fascinating and open to all imaginations. But to enter it, you need to have the right skill set, and a 3D fashion designer certification course can be your first step towards it. At PearlxStudio, we have Immersive short term courses in collaboration with CLO 3D to help you learn the new age fashion industry’s Skills.

Fashion may be your passion, but you will need proper guidance and 3D design tools to make it a profession. So, enrol in a course immediately and secure your future in the fashion industry.

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