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June 21, 2022

5 Golden Tips from the World’s Best Photographers


Ever wondered how the world’s greatest photographers mastered the art?

We’ll tell you.

They practiced.

Every waking hour, they laboured with the camera or spent hours editing the shots.

Yes, not all of them joined a professional photography course. But it can certainly help you build a strong foundation and get a head start.

But the learning will only start from there. You must keep acquiring new skills and brushing up old ones as your career grows. And what better way to learn than to put tips from masters directly into practice?

Here are five golden tips to capturing better shots -- straight from the masters.

1. Know Your Equipment

Know Your Equipment

You can’t hammer a nail without knowing how a hammer works. And the same applies to photography. Laurence Norah, an Instagram-famous travel photographer, said it best, ‘Learn what those camera settings actually mean.’

When starting out, get to know your camera intimately. Those buttons and toggles will take time to become familiar, but they are going to be your greatest ally for learning the craft. 

Once you’ve mastered the camera settings, you can start getting creative with your shots.

2. Pay Attention to Light

Pay Attention to Light

Did you know photography directly translates to ‘painting with light’? Yes! That’s why lighting is the soul of every photograph, as agreed upon by the Landscape Photographer Anne McKinnel.

She says anyone who wants to get better at capturing pictures must focus on understanding light. She suggests beginners start with understanding what kind of light could complement their work (and style).

For instance, if you want to get better at capturing landscape shots, start visiting your chosen site at different times of the day under different light conditions. This helps you capture the best shot, thanks to perfect lighting.

3. Pay Attention to Your Highlights

When beginning photography, one of the first things you’ll want to do is learn how to capture highlights or manage the brightest sections of your photograph. And this can get difficult when you’re trying to bring moodiness to your shot while drawing attention to your subject at the same time. So, how do you do it?

Photography maestro Sean Tucker says using the highlights or brightening up your subject can help. The darker sections of a shot can frame the subject and draw the viewer’s attention to it. This, he says, tells viewers what to focus on, thereby creating an aesthetically pleasing shot.

4. Get That Weird Shot

Getting an aesthetically pleasing shot is great. But you know what’s even better? Photographs that make you stop and stare. So, take a cue from pros like Nigel Grimmer, and capture the bizarre sometimes. This will help diversify your portfolio and challenge you to get creative with your shots.

So, the next time you shoot, break a few rules you learned in your professional photography course (tastefully of course)!

5. Wait for the Right Moment

In photography, patience is a virtue you must learn right off the bat. But street photographer Thomas Leuthard says might know the trick well. His go-to tip for capturing dynamic photographs? Frame the shot and wait for just the right moment.

He suggests propping up the camera and getting all the inanimate objects in the frame first. Next, he advises waiting for the right subject to invade the frame. A lone passerby, an animal, even a group of people – anyone who appears interesting could be a good subject. The key is recognizing them as they pass and having lightning-fast reflexes to capture the right shot.


Over to You

Now that we’ve told you the secrets of the pros, you can start your photography journey with some direction. And if you’re a photography enthusiast who dreams of becoming a professional, consider enrolling in the short-term course offered by PearXStudio today.

We take you through basic photographic principles and editing software and offer hands-on training in product, jewelry, e-commerce, fashion, and other photography genres. So, enroll in our professional photography course. Fees and other information, you can check by downloading the brochure.

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