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August 03, 2022

6 Easy Hacks for Beautiful Homes in Monsoon


Monsoon season is around the corner and we are ready to welcome the rains to beat the sweltering summer heat. Doesn’t the idea of monsoon paints a pretty picture in your mind? Of a rocking chair by your window with a cup of hot chocolate in your hand while you listen to the pitter-patter melody outside. As you spend more time indoors, why not give your home a monsoon-ready makeover?

You don’t need to be an interior designer to create a cosy ambience this monsoon. But an interior designing certification courses will help you learn the nitty-gritty of designing and welcome the rain gods in style.

Let’s look at some simple hacks to amplify the beauty of your home in monsoons.

1. Bring Nature into Your Home

Bring Nature into Your Home

Monsoon is the perfect time to make maximum use of your beautiful outdoors. Add plants into your home to bring in freshness and create a positive ambience. You can choose any indoor plants, be it seasonal blooms, cactus, succulents, etc., as per your liking.

2. Play With Colours

Play With Colours

A beautiful home needs a colourful palette. With grey clouds overhead, your house needs a pop of colour here and there. You can beautify your house with colourful cushions, sheets, mats, and even some décor items. To bring a bold splash of colour, you can choose shades of green, pink, citrus, orange, and even blue. Pick hues that complement each other well and bring a cheerful mood altogether.

3. Accentuate With Accessories

If you’ve already done a crash course on how to become an interior, this hack is going to be super easy for you. Decorating your home with accessories can put a stop to the gloomy mood of the season. Bring out wind chimes, oil diffusers, and decorated wine bottles to fill your home with colours. You can also keep flower vases in your home to get rid of any foul smell caused by dampness.

4. Mat Matters

Mat Matters

Monsoon is the time to keep your luxury carpets at bay, especially until the rain gods say goodbye. To avoid your carpets from getting spoiled, wrap them up neatly and keep them aside.

For the rainy season, you can invest in bamboo, coir, jute, rubber, and weatherproof mats to keep inside your home. Make sure to place these mats at the entrance points of your house and areas connected to your garden and balcony. If you still want to add some quirkiness, you can go for mats with funky prints or colours.

5. Create a Cosy Nook

Create a Cosy Nook

Are you the person who likes to curl up in a corner with your favourite book on a rainy day? This season, you can make your home beautiful by carving out some space for your own reading corner. To create the perfect nook, you need just a few things. Make sure to pick up a spot that has good lighting. A cosy spot near the window will do the job as it gets ample natural light. Next, you can add some cushions, small plants, flower vases, and a tiny table to set down your books or a coffee mug. And, voila! Your reading corner is ready.

6. Scented Candles for a Good Fragrance

Scented Candles for a Good Fragrance

Monsoon or otherwise, having your home smell nice is always a good idea. Put out some aroma and scented candles in different spots. Apart from adding beauty to your home, the glow that they cast will alleviate the surroundings and make your home look lovely and smell heavenly at the same time.

Wrapping It Up!

With these amazing hacks, you can keep your home beautiful, be it monsoon or any other season. You can also learn the tricks by doing an interior designing certification course. PearlXStudio offers a comprehensive course that will give you hands-on training in the design field and help you move up the success ladder in the interior design industry.

Enrol yourself in the course today and undertake a design journey full of creativity.

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