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May 25, 2022

Do's And Don'ts For A Professional Photographer


Despite the jokes about photographers and their ways, photography is more than just showing up with a camera. like any other job, requires photographers to abide by some rules. Here are a few you must know.

The Do’s

Choose the Right Lens

The camera lens you use on D-day will depend on the subject and scenes you intend to shoot, along with weather and location. So select a lens accordingly.

Shoot in Manual Mode

If you want full creative control over your photos, manual mode is the way to go. This way, you can adjust the aperture, shutter speed, and brightness settings to create a pleasing photo.

Shoot in Manual Mode

Shoot in RAW

In professional photography, a RAW image is a high-definition photo that is packed full of details. Compared to a JPEG image, it gives you more freedom to edit your pictures without damaging the original composition of the image. Naturally, when you shoot RAW, the final product is intricate and refined.

Shoot in RAW

Learn How to Use Your Camera

Learn every little detail there is to using your camera and play with different settings, colors, and image compositions. By doing so, you can  meet the specific demands of your clients easily. Not to mention, doing this helps you develop a distinctive style and produce praiseworthy visuals for your portfolio too.     

The Don’ts

Deleting Photographs

Many a time, a client may ask for the original picture instead of the edited one. So, make sure you have back-ups for each change you have ever shown to the client. Store those images on an external hard disk for future references, even once a project ends.

Harsh Lighting

Many clients prefer to shoot on a bright sunny day, but as a professional, you should choose suitable natural lighting so that the images do not create deep shadows. Remember, bright sunlight will  emphasize features. So if your goal is to create an aesthetically pleasing shot, it might not be the way to go.

Harsh Lighting

Focus Only on the Technicalities

Professional photography has plenty of technicalities that can make you forget about the aesthetic aspect of photography. Remember to focus on the beauty of the subject and the background. This helps you produce picture-perfect shots every single time.

Start as a Freelancer in Professional Photography Without Proper Training

While it’s true that one can develop photography skills over time, it is better to get proper training before starting as a professional photographer. This gives you a strong hold over the basics and  teaches you the soft skills necessary to navigate the competitive photo industry.

Start as a Freelancer

So enroll in a photography course at a reputed institute like  PearlxStudio to nail the basics and acquire the skills required to become an industry-ready photographer.

The best way to gain confidence in your professional photography skills is by going into the real world and clicking photos. That said, following the do’s and don’ts mentioned above will help you iproduce exceptional photographs in no time.

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