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August 03, 2022

Fashion Design for Women’s Wear: 5 Fabrics to Have in Your Monsoon Closet


 The monsoons are here yet again! And, with them is a tonne of greenery and cool gushes of wind sans the dust. While stepping out in this glorious weather feels sublime, it also has several women scuffling through their wardrobes. They are scouting for stylish clothes made of comfortable fabric to fight the humidity this weather unleashes.

So, if you are interested in women’s dress designing, you ought to know that different fabrics suit different weathers. For starters, apparel made from fabrics capable of culling humidity without compromising on style becomes more popular during the monsoon.
While a fashion designer certification will equip you with the right knowledge, here we will explore the five types of fabrics you should have in your monsoon closet. Dress in them or design with them – the choice is yours!

1. Cool Cotton

The wonder fabric, cotton, allows your skin to breathe during humid monsoons. Given its porous nature, it is comfortable, airy, and a monsoon must-have. What's more, apparel made from this fabric is easy to care for.
Another reason why this fabric is your ultimate fashion ally is that it doesn't turn transparent if you're suddenly in the mood to get drenched in the rain. Lastly, if you want a more rugged look this monsoon, try a cotton and linen blend. This natural fabric blend is ultra-light-weight and has the same absorption capacity as cotton.

Cool Cotton

2. Chiffon or Georgette

Want a fabric that engulfs curves? Chiffon it is! Also, georgette, which behaves a lot like chiffon works. You must have seen countless leading ladies of Bollywood adorn chiffon or georgette sarees or dresses while dancing in the rain on the silver screen. This is because fashion designers know it fits the monsoon backdrop and flatters any physique.

Drapes construed with these fabrics are super-light and airy. They don't retain any moisture, and a world of designs and prints is possible in them.

Chiffon or Georgette

3. Silk Blends

Of course, avoid pure raw silk during monsoons! We’re only talking about silk blends like crepe or Tussar silk. Even cotton silk will work perfectly during the rainy season. Famous designers like Tanvi Malik of FabAlley and Natasha Tate of Limeroad swear by these fabrics.

They say a colourful crepe dress paired with gladiator sandals and a sassy sling is an excellent addition to your wardrobe this monsoon. These fabrics provide a tonne of comfort, and stains on them easily wash away.

Silk Blends

4. Denim

Since they don’t crush easily and look spectacular, denim is another fabric that earns the right to reside in your wardrobe this monsoon. This fabric is almost magical as it helps regulate body temperature regardless of your environment.
 Moreover, even though this fabric comes in only a handful of colours, there's no end to the types of designs possible with it. From dresses and baggy jeans to tops and rompers, denim is often moulded in various patterns – hence, a fashion favourite!


5. Nylon 

The final fabric that makes it makes it to our list is human-made. Invented simultaneously in New York and London, Nylon is ideal for the rainy season. It's often difficult for clothes to dry when there is humidity, but this does not apply to Nylon.

Besides offering a number of designs and colours, Nylon has the added capability of absorbing sweat and staying dry. It is also one of the easiest to wash, and you can rest assured it dries within a few hours, even during the monsoon.


Parting Thoughts

Want to gain an in-depth understanding of fabrics and how to use them to create stunning apparel for women? If yes, apply for a short-term course in fashion designing for women’s wear at the PearlXstudio.

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