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August 03, 2022

Learn the Science behind Viral Reels from Social Media Influencers


Imagine you open the Instagram app just for some daily dose of reels. And boom! Your notification is flooded with shares, likes, and comments. Going viral on Instagram might feel like a play on your luck but it’s not entirely true. You can easily make this dream come true by learning the science behind these viral reels from industry experts. These bite-sized videos, memes and viral dances are here to stay and you could be the next big sensation. Let’s find out how.

What makes a reel trending on Instagram?

A lot of factors come into play to create a perfect reel. For starters, what is the type of content that you want to share? The standard categories are - educational, entertainment, or inspirational. Selecting a category depends on your niche how well your videos resonate with your target audience. For instance, if you create makeup reels - the video clarity, your skills, video length, and what value you provide become vital elements.

Let’s look at tips from social media influencers to make your reel trending.

1. Attention-Grabbing Start

Also, there are millions of reels on Instagram. So, how will you stand out? The first 5 seconds of your video will decide if viewers will stick around till the end. You can start your video with an intriguing question or information your target audience seeks to know.

2. Remove All Watermarks

If you’re reusing videos from TikTok or Moj on your Instagram, make sure you remove the watermark. Instagram wants users and content creators to prioritize uploading original videos rather than resharing videos from other platforms. Its algorithm detects these watermarks, reducing your chances of going viral.

3. Include Text in Your Videos

According to Facebook, 85% of people scroll through videos without playing the sound. Hence, adding texts to your videos is essential to reach a larger audience.

To make it more convenient for your viewers, add short texts in the center to make it readable even in the Grid Mode.

4. Check Your Video Dimensions

Audiences love a compelling video experience. For that, the video must play on full screen with a 9:16 aspect ratio. And the ideal video size is 1080 x 1920 pixels. When your reels are recorded vertically, you meet these requirements by default.

5. Don’t Skip Hashtags

Your hashtag game must be up-to-date if you compete with millions of other social media influencers to rank your reels in the trending section. It helps Instagram's algorithm understand your video niche so they can suggest them to relevant audiences interested in such content.

6. Use Trending Music

Have you ever wondered what the upward-slanted arrows are next to some of Instagram's audios? It simply means that those tracks are trending on Instagram. Adding trending audio to your videos can help boost your reel performance and recommend them to more viewers.

7. Share Videos at Peak Viewing Hours

You might have noticed that some days bring you more views than others. This is because not every hour or day is a good time to publish. Look at your follower analytics to identify the time they’re highly active on for each day and schedule your posts accordingly.

8. Analyze Your Stats

Statistics help analyze your growth trajectory. Being a social media influencer, you must constantly scrutinize your performance in the "Professional Dashboard" section. You can check your daily, weekly, and monthly insights, demographics, and more.

If these numbers seem confusing, then a professional course will provide hands-on training to manage an online reputation and keep your viewers engaged.


If you aspire to become a social media influencer but are unable to kick-start your passion, then learn how to become a social media influencer and monetize your Instagram with PearlXStudio. Our course on social media content development, marketing, and online image will help you become the next online sensation.

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