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August 26, 2022

The do’s and don’t’s of good interior decorating

do’s and don’t’s of good interior decorating

Have you always thought you were a genius at styling and interior decorating? Perfect at the art of finding colours and textures that work for you and your space. Then why not get an Interior decorator course that speaks to the world about your talent? Meanwhile, as you mull over your decisions, here are some basic interior designing tips that everyone should know and not just someone aiming to be an interior designer. Test yourself by seeing how many of these you already have in your wheelhouse.



Chocolate Brown Colour Palette

The importance of the colour palette

The importance of The Colour Palette

This one might seem basic, but it is so essential! And, so easy to get wrong. Colours can truly make and break a place, and choosing the colours that work together will bring you one step closer to enriching your space. An easy hack for this is to keep a colour wheel on hand (a lot of interior stylists keep colour palette swatches on hand) because the opposite colours on the wheel will be different, and will complement each other.

Design for your needs

Design For Your Needs

Another important tip is to keep your needs in mind when you are designing and styling your space. What looks good in someone else’s house, magazine, or cover is not going to work for you. Interior decorating is all about how to style your pieces keeping your needs in mind, and incorporating your old pieces with the new so you can find the right balance.

Mindfull Minimalism

Design a Mood board for each room

Design A Mood Board for Each Room

Another interior decorating tip we swear by is designing a mood board for every room, not just the overall space. Because while it is important to make the entire space flow well, every room, nook, and cranny needs to be designed on its own to make it the best possible space. Think of them as small parts, making it a whole rather than the other way around.



De-Clutter your space

De-Clutter Your Space

We have all been guilty of dumping stuff, but for a harmonious space, you have to avoid cluttering your space. It’s very tempting to keep on adding pieces to your space, but by overwhelming the space you only decrease its aesthetic value and we don’t want that.

Avoid over-styling and structuring your space

Avoid Over-Styling and Structuring Your Space

Another easy mistake is making the place look too themed and styled, resulting in a space that looks manufactured and uncomfortable space. While Interior decorating, you would want your space to be lived in with style but lived in nonetheless.

Neglect the lighting and flow of the space

Neglect The Lighting and Flow of The Space

Neglecting the lighting and working against the space is another mistake that’s keeping you from achieving the place of your dreams. Avoid blocking natural light sources with too many window dressings. Also, avoid depending on one source of light in a room, instead add multiple sources that will brighten up your space.


So, how many of these do you know already? If you want to learn more about the world of designing and styling, then the interior designing certificate offered by PearlXStudio is the right option for you. The interior designing certificate will give you real-life experience, teach you the ins and outs of being an interior stylist and give you a chance to show off your skills.

Chavi Sood

Chavi Sood
Lecturer, Pearl Academy

She has a knack for storytelling and visualizing. Curating objects and staging homes being one of her greatest passions, she strongly believes in the power of ‘detail in design’ to transform daily life.

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