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June 21, 2022

Why are Image Consultants in High Demand Today?


First impressions last long.

This is one phrase we all grew up hearing on multiple occasions; while standing in the school assembly line or when getting ready to welcome guests at home. And for good reasons. Because in today’s fast-paced world where no one has moments to spare, first impressions often become the last impressions.

The first time you meet someone, they will not take more than 5-10 seconds to form an opinion about you. It could be how you shake hands, your personal style, or how you sip your coffee. But can you blame them? In this fast-paced world where no one has moments to spare, first impressions are vital.

You might have all the right qualifications and a pleasant personality. But if you don’t know how to express or present your best self? You probably don’t leave a positive impression.

So, how does one overcome such a social dilemma? Usually, they hire an image consultant.

First impressions last long

Why Everyone is Looking for an Image Consultant These Days

What’s the one goal everyone’s chasing after these days? To stand out in a sea of mediocrity. Sadly, not everyone knows what they can do differently to stand tall or impress the audience. Especially in today’s social media-driven age, everyone wants to create a powerful persona everyone likes.

That’s why most people go looking for an Image consultant.

An image consultant can help their client nail a positive first impression. From personal styling and professional perception to appropriate body language and more, they build the client persona from the ground up. Clients receive mentoring on appearance, how to conduct themselves and engage with others.

Image consultants also help enhance the client’s personal style based on their professional goals and plan a course of action to achieve the desired results. The entire process is about building the client’s confidence and charm to help them get to the finish line.

Looking for Image Counsultant

Sounds like a job you’ll do well? Then consider learning the ropes of the craft with an image consultancy course.

Now is the Perfect Time to Pursue Image Consultancy. Here’s Why.

Image consultancy was a niche job with little value a couple of years ago. Today? It’s the complete opposite. Here’s why.

  • In-demand profession: Unlike common belief, image consultancy is not a profession for the grey and old. Especially today, when the world has become one global village and influences flow from East to West. This makes youngsters (a group at the heart of the flux) like you a good demographic to take up image consultancy. And why it’s been getting popular day by day.


  • Diverse scope of work: Image consultants don’t fit a mould. One day you'll be acting as your client’s personal stylist; the next day you’ll be boosting their confidence. You get to don multiple hats at the same time, making the profession a highly interesting career option today. Besides, you will help clients become the best version of themselves and attract the right kind of opportunities. This makes the job perfect for people looking to make a meaningful living.


  • Diverse set of clients: Do image consultants only work with high-profile clients? Not at all. You will get hired not just by individuals but also by companies to enhance and purport their image in the public eye. As the image management consultant, you will be handling company branding through digital and print media. And train c-level employees to project a persona aligned with the company values and goals.


To Sum Up

Image consultancy is a highly rewarding career for anyone passionate about changing lives. If the idea resonates with you, take the first step by joining PearlXStudio’s image consultancy course. It’s an 11-month extensive certification course focused on personal styling, the power of an image, makeup and hairstyling, and personal branding.

Sounds interesting? You can check out the complete course details here.

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